FAQs for reopening of School


Please find below the questions raised across the 4 online meetings held for parents on 1-6-20. Some questions were raised in more than one meeting but have been tagged with the year group in which they were first raised.


Questions asked in advance of the meetings



Nursery - My daughter is not returning to School this term; do we need to attend the online meeting.

No, the meeting is exclusively to talk about the return to School for the First Phase.


Y1 - Can my daughter bring hand cream to School?

Yes, in a small tube/container that is labelled and it will need to remain at School.


Y1 - Is there anywhere to store bikes and scooters?

No, we don’t have capacity to store any bikes/scooters and no belongings are allowed to be taken on and off site.


Y1 - Will the School be using manual temperature check and alcohol rub every morning at the entrance to School and in the longer-term thermal scanning cameras (since we know Covid19 will be around for 2 years or until vaccination available)?

No, Government guidance states ‘routine testing of an individual’s temperature is not a reliable method for identifying coronavirus’.

No, children should wash their hands before leaving home and it is the first thing they will do on arrival. Soap and water are considered to be far more effective than alcohol gel.


Y1 - How many times a day will the class be sanitised?


The Cleaning Team returned today to get the School ready for Wednesday. The Team work before School and again at end of the day. Caretakers will do an additional clean of high use areas in the middle of the day and will be on hand should any further cleaning be required during the day. Each classroom will also have disinfectant spray and clothes for staff to use as required during the day. The Cleaning Team and Caretakers have a Covid-19 cleaning protocol to follow and a training meeting was held with the Bursar on Monday 1st June.


Y1 - Testing:  Have all adults working for the School been recently tested? Has the School arranged for ongoing testing of all adults in contact with the children?

No because testing is only offered when a person is symptomatic. All staff and parents for their children are expected to follow the Test and Trace procedure and the Stay at Home guidance. Testing is not organised by the School but by individuals.


Y1 - Will children have normal break times away from the classroom?


Yes, at staggered times to prevent cross over of groups. The outside space will be used as much as possible throughout the day.


Y1 - Can the School consider half day 8.30 to 11.30 for 7 children and half day 12.30 to 3.30 for the remaining 8? This might improve the social distancing in the small classroom they have for Year 1. Core subjects can be taught with the remaining on video at home or as homework. This may mean lunch may not be required?

No, the Government does not permit this model due the adult moving from one group to the other in a short space of time.


Questions asked at the meetings



Nursery – Will the size of the Nursery bubble be the whole cohort?

Yes; as an EYFS cohort can be up to 16 pupils, we can accommodate the full return of the Nursery.


Nursery – If the first phase goes well, will provision be expanded to more days?

That is the hope but we have to move ahead slowly as it is unclear what the Government decision will be about additional year groups returning to School this term.


Nursery – if my daughter is part-time, will she be able to attend for full sessions?

Not initially.  Pupils will still receive remote teaching and learning activities for the sessions that are not held in Nursery.  If a parent would like to extend their daughter’s hours, this will be considered in the Second Phase.


Nursery – what will be happening onsite when pupils are not attending?

This will be the time when cleaners are able to access the site for a thorough clean. Remote teaching will be provided for pupils at home.


Nursery - What will interactions between pupils and staff be like?

Activities will take place with smaller groups and there will be fewer chairs at each table for this purpose. There will be some removal of resources, e.g. teddy bears and cushions but most items are easily cleaned. The aim is for things to be as ‘normal’ as possible. It is expected that social distancing will not be possible with pupils of this age.


Nursery – What should we bring into Nursery?

Each pupil will need to bring a lunch in a lunchbox, a snack and a water bottle each day. These should be taken home again at the end of the day. The girls should not bring anything other than essentials.


Nursery – will reading books be sent home?

If reading books are sent home, they will be quarantined for 72 hours on return to the Nursery and wiped down where possible, before being issued to another pupil.


Nursery – What happens if a child is symptomatic?  Will the School organise a test?

Any pupil who is symptomatic will be immediately isolated from the class and parents will be called to collect them from Nursery.  A member of SMT will go to the Nursery to support the group while the pupil is supervised. It is the parent’s responsibility to arrange a test. The rest of the Nursery will continue to attend as normal. If the test is negative, the pupil may return. If the test is positive, all staff and pupils will be required to self-isolate for 14 days in accordance with the Government Stay at Home guidelines.


Nursery – what should pupils wear?

Either Summer or Winter uniform. Clothes should be a fresh set each day. If clean uniform clothes are not available, then clothing resembling uniform should be worn. Coats are not needed if the weather is good.


Nursery – will there be a second parents’ meeting if provision changes?

This will be decided after the first phase. It may not be necessary if the only changes are in the number of days pupils will attend. We will need to wait for changes in Government guidance.


Y1 - Will other year groups be allowed back?

This is dependent on the guidance from the Government. At present it is only N, R, Y1 & Y6.  We believe the next group will be Y10.


Y1 - Will there be fines for those who do not attend School?

No; the Government have said that parents will not be fined if they choose to keep their children at home.


Y1 – What provisions will be made for those who do not attend School?

The Class Teacher will not be holding live lessons as they will be in class all day. Subject specialist teachers will continue with their ‘real-time’ lessons and activities that would normally be carried out independently within the classroom will still be sent home. These might include consolidation of work or interactive games.


Y1 – Will the pupils stay in the same room?

Yes; they will be allocated a classroom and this, alongside the playground and Prep toilets, will be the only rooms they use.  There will be no access to the rest of the School to avoid mixing with other adults/pupils.


Y1 – Will the girls in School all have the Class Teacher?

Yes; Mrs Christodoulou will be teaching the pupils onsite. If enough of Y1 return that we need to have two groups, they will be on separate days and receive the same activities.


Y1 – Will there be a transition to the next year group that all pupils, in-school or at home, can participate in?

Yes. This is more likely to be done remotely as the Year 2 teacher is not currently be working on site. It will be for all pupils.


Y1 – for those with siblings, will there be an end of year event? Something to bring all the girls and more staff together?

We are currently looking at transition activities and what we can do remotely. Any suggestions for activities that can be done remotely would be welcomed.


Y1 – If my daughter comes back and then says she doesn’t want to return, can we change our mind?

Yes; however, as with all new beginnings, it can take time to settle. It would be advised to encourage her to try more than once so as not to create anxiety about the eventual full return to School when it comes.


Y1 – I few want to wait a week or two before making up our minds about returning, can we do that?

Yes; however, please try to give the School as much notice as possible. If all Y1 return, we will need two groups and this will require more planning.


R – Can I change my mind about returning as time goes on?

Yes.  Please give us notice of your decision so we can alter plans where necessary.


R – will the class be taught as a whole or split? How will the set-up be managed to ensure social distancing?

They will be taught in a mix of whole class and small group/one-to-one in accordance with the EYFS. Because there are fewer than 15 pupils currently in Reception, the whole class will stay together as one cohort. It is not expected that Reception pupils will be able to manage and maintain social distancing. Spacing will be enforced when queuing with adults to enter the School premises and when queuing for the bathrooms as they are higher risk times.


R – Will the Summer Term be extended?

No. Teaching and learning have continued throughout the period of closure and it would not be necessary to extend the term.  Teachers and many pupils have been working harder than in ‘normal’ School and need the rest.


R – Do you know how many total days pupils will be in School before the end of the Summer Term?

No. We will need to review in light of new Government guidance as if other year groups return, this will have an impact on staffing and rooming availability to avoid crossover of hubs.


R – How will the classroom be set-up?

It will look very similar to normal; however, all soft furnishings and resources that can be removed have been. Some furniture has been removed to create a larger clear space.


R – How will the transition to Year 1 be managed?

There will be an online ‘moving-up’ session where pupils can meet their new teacher and hear about Year 1. In September, there will be a soft start to Key Stage 1 where the structure of EYFS can be maintained to provide opportunities for collaborative play alongside the introduction of more formal teaching.


R – what happens if a child falls over – how will this be managed?

Pupils will be taken to the medical room as normal and treated by a first aider. The medical room will not be used as an isolation room for anyone displaying Covid-19 symptoms.


R – if a child is symptomatic, will all parents be informed?

Yes, we would let parents know and would update them when we receive a test result.


R – What measures will be in place to prevent the development of unhealthy obsessions with hand washing?

Wellbeing is paramount and pupils have already been taught about why and how they should wash their hands properly. The times they should wash their hands are after messy play, using the toilet and before eating snacks and lunches; these are the usual times and will just be monitored a little more closely. The only addition is to wash their hands when entering School in the morning.


R – what is the School’s position on mental health during this time?  What can we do to support the children? Will they be told they can’t play with certain children or have to keep apart?

It is recognised that children of this age will be unlikely to maintain social distancing.  They will not be kept apart from their friends but the normal allocations to areas, e.g. home corner/reading corner/outside will be slightly amended to allow more space in each place. The pupils are used to having a maximum number so this will be normal to them. Our hope is that bringing the pupils back will be beneficial to their mental health as they will be able to socialise with their peers and return to play.


Y6 – When working in School, if pupils need to add photographs of their work, how will this happen?

The supervisor will have an iPad and will take photos and email them to the pupils for uploading.


Y6 - If someone is in a different hub and contracts the virus, does the whole School need to self-isolate?

No, only if there has been contact between the hubs. This is why we are minimising crossovers in the first phase.


Y6 - Will there be other pupils on site when Year 6 are in?

Yes; however, they will have different start and finish times and will not be in the playground at the same time.


Y6 - How many Y6-7 transition sessions will there be?

Three have been planned; however, if an issue arises that needs greater discussion, a fourth may be added.


Y6 - Can my daughter attend the Y6-7 sessions if she chooses to work at home for the rest of the time?

Yes. Notice must be given, however, as if more than 15 wish to attend, there will be two separate dates.


Y6 – If my daughter cannot attend the Y6-7 transition sessions as she/a family member is shielding, how will she access the material?

If there is a large group who are not attending, a second, online session will be set up and run by Miss Lucas.  If it is a smaller group, the information will be saved in the Year 6 Team for pupils to access. A shorter one-to-one session can then be arranged with Miss Lucas.


Y6 – if my daughter is not able to attend School or the transition sessions, will she miss out on anything?

No, nothing at all. All of the School work will continue through Teams as it is now and Miss Lucas will ensure that the transition sessions are done on Teams in a way that suits the girls requiring this  approach.


Y6 – will there be an opportunity for all of Year 6 to get together again to say a proper goodbye and to get their belongings?

Yes. We cannot plan a specific date at this point but when we are allowed to, we will have everyone in.