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ISI Inspection

Please find ISI Inspection Report/Parental Survey Results in this section.

Download: ISI Inspection Report

Some direct quotations from the ISI Inspection Report on PGHS (original text quoted but key words changed to bold type by PGHS):

School Report (Y1-Y11)

  • "Teaching is excellent and makes a key contribution to the success of the pupils.”
  • "Achievement is excellent, with high standards of work across subjects and throughout the age and ability range.”
  • "Teaching is excellent and enables pupils to make rapid progress in their learning.”
  • "The school’s curricular and extra-curricular provision ensures a rich and varied educational experience of excellent quality.”
  • "The personal development of pupils is excellent and, by the time they leave the school, they have developed moral and social values to guide them well in adult life.”
  • ”Pastoral care is excellent.”
  • "Links with parents, carers and guardians are excellent.”
  • "Pupils make exceptional progress and their academic achievement is excellent in relation to their ability."
  • "Governance, leadership and management are excellent.”