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Information Technology

The study of ICT at PGHS is both practical and theoretical. In lessons we never lose sight of the practical application of ICT which is integral to working in school and in the wider sphere of modern society. Girls study in a supportive and enthusiastic atmosphere. All girls leave with an excellent knowledge of ICT theory and an accomplished use of the main MS Applications, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access. They use the knowledge and skills gained at PGHS to great advantage throughout their studies here and beyond into Sixth Form and University. Girls, with permission of subject teachers, are allowed to use computers at break and lunch time to complete work.

Blindfolded Touch Typing Challenge

Blindfolded Touch Typing Challenge

The study of ICT enables students to:

  • Increase knowledge, skills and understanding in information technology.
  • Use their creativity to design working information and communication systems which carry out tasks and solve problems.
  • Develop a broad and balanced experience of the range of information and communication systems, while understanding their capabilities and limitations.
  • Identify opportunities for problem solving using appropriate techniques and equipment effectively and safely.
  • Extend their ability to comment and reflect on significant social, environmental, economic and aesthetic implications and effects of information technology in today’s world.


Year 7

ICT Sports Drink Group

ICT Sports Drink Group

Students begin by learning about communicating online safely. Guidance is given in the safe use of Email, Chat rooms, Gaming and Social Networking sites. Girls then progress to a short and effective online keyboarding course. They go onto learn more about the advanced functions of Microsoft word, including tables and graphics. Year 7 end the year by studying Excel Spreadsheets and work with simple and complex formulae and functions to explore what-if scenarios. They also undertake advanced charting.

Year 8/9

In year 8 and 9 ICT is delivered in a carousel with careers. Students learn to use a variety of software in order to enable them to research a topic, analyse data and present results. Microsoft Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word are all included in the course of study. Digital manipulation software for photography, drawing and web page creation is also studied.

GCSE Information and Communication Technology

Examination Board: Edexcel

Information and communication technology is used in all areas of study, leisure and employment. In the present job market it is vital to demonstrate an understanding of technology and a competency in the use of computers and current business software.

The GCSE ICT is an academic and practical course in which students work on individual controlled assessment projects as well as studying theory in context. The participation in and investigation of ICT at this level provides a firm foundation for further education at 6th form level and benefits all students, regardless of their career or educational aspirations. Studying GCSE ICT improves skills of research, analysis, software usage at an advanced level and evaluation.

The course provides opportunities for students to:

  • Increase knowledge, skills and understanding in information technology and communication in the digital age.
  • Improve problem solving skills.
  • Use creativity to design solutions for a given purpose.
  • Improve and extend ability to reflect and comment on significant social, environmental, economic implications and effects of information technology in today’s society.

All pupils have a computer on a one-to-one basis during lesson times and by arrangement at other times. Girls need to have good access to a computer with a broadband internet connection at home in order to complete work. The programs, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access and MS PowerPoint are used extensively and it would be extremely useful if this software was installed at home. The software version is not important.

The ICT Department runs an ICT club (Years 7 and 8) and ICT Workshop (Years 10 and 11) so that girls can further develop their interest in this subject.