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Nursery Parent Reviews

"Since joining the Nursery my daughter has developed in so many ways. She is more confident and balanced and looks forward to going into nursery everyday."

"Our daughter has had the most amazing time at PGHS Nursery – she has had lots of fun, come on steadily but surely in her reading and writing ability."

"The nursery itself is a fun and bright environment and I think it provides the backdrop for more effective learning."

"My daughter loves the teachers very much and the teachers are very approachable for parents."

"My daughter has had a very happy and positive experience."

"We are very happy with the teaching she has received and her learning experience."

"‘Very experienced teachers who are caring and professional and whom the children respond well to."

"Storytime and singing. We regularly hear about stories at nursery and she is always singing!"

"Very caring environment, including encouraging them to eat all their lunch!"

"The use of arts and crafts to teach has really been excellent e.g. butterflies = symmetrical. We were very impressed that a 3 year old knows what symmetrical means!"

"Warm and loving care. Supportive and nurturing."

"I was trying to find somewhere more school-like to fill in the year between 4- 5 years. The environment which has been created is very conducive to learning and development."

"Our experience of the Nursery has been fantastic and we would definitely recommend to others. It’s a shame we didn’t know about it for our older daughter."

"Overall we absolutely love PGHS Nursery! Our daughter has begun to read and write and become very confident in her abilities. Thank you!"

"PGHS Nursery came so highly recommended that I couldn’t ignore it!"

"My daughter has bloomed at the Nursery. She is growing into a strong independent, free- thinking child. We put much of this down to the care and attention she has received at the Nursery."

“We are very pleased with the Nursery. Our daughter has improved socially and academically already. She can recognise letters and numbers in such a short space of time. All the teachers are brilliant!”

“My daughter is becoming very independent thanks to her teachers. I am so glad we chose PGHS Nursery as I can see the difference clearly. Thank you so much for making the difference…”

“My daughter looks so happy and engaged and is having the best time of her life! We had great pleasure in seeing the photos of her in the snow and with the firefighters. It’s truly wonderful.”