Entry to the School & Entrance Tests

The Entry Procedure

Palmers Green High School selects girls on the grounds of ability and aptitude. Entry into the Nursery is at 3+ and girls may begin their Nursery ‘learning journey’ once they have attained 3 years of age but transfer to the Reception Class is only at the beginning of the Autumn Term. Entry into the Main School is usually at 4+ into the Prep Department, at 7+ into the Junior Department and at 11+ into the Senior School. Candidates should normally reach the ages of 4+, 7+ and 11+ respectively by September 1st of the year of entry. We may also have places available at other ages. Please contact the School Office for details.


The Assessment Process

At all ages the aim of the process is to identify potential for learning. Parents with children applying to join the Nursery are interviewed with their daughters. For entry into the Main School from Reception to Year 6, candidates are invited for an individual assessment with one of the specialist primary teachers. Candidates for entry into Years 5 and 6 undergo timed tests, whilst tests for those in Year 4 and below are less formal. Those candidates who demonstrate academic potential in their assessment are invited to spend time in the School with their peers when there is then a more general assessment of ability and aptitude. All parents will be given an appointment to meet with the Headmistress.

N.B. Late testing is now taking place for entry into Reception and Year 7 for this September 2019. Please contact Admissions for further details and the latest availability of places.

For 11+ entry, candidates sit examinations in English, Maths and Reasoning, which are designed for their age group. The Maths, English (Comprehension) and Reasoning (NVR and VR) assessments are done via the ISEB Common Pre-test. English (Creative Writing) is a traditional written paper.  Candidates who show promise in these academic tests are then invited for interview. The dates for the 11+ entrance examination will be published on our website, together with the dates by which results will be communicated to families and the closing date for acceptances. Candidates for entry into Years 8-10 sit papers in English, Maths, Science and French or Spanish. All parents will be given an appointment to meet with the Headmistress.

No specific preparation for the entrance assessments is needed; all candidates start on an equal footing, with identical opportunities to display their academic and other abilities. Selection is based upon merit and, in addition to entrance assessments and interviews at the School, references from a candidate’s current or previous school(s) will be considered.

Sibling Policy

Most female siblings join us at Palmers Green High School. However, admission is not automatic and there may be occasions where we judge that a sibling is likely to thrive better in a different academic environment.


The School is committed to equal opportunities for all, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, sex (except with regard to Palmers Green High School being a single sex girls’ school), age, disability or social background. (The School provision for bursaries is outlined on page 6.) Any allegation of racial, sexual, religious discrimination and/or disability discrimination and any allegations of verbal or physical harassment will be treated seriously. Such allegations will be thoroughly and impartially investigated and may result in the use of sanctions, including exclusion.

If a girl has a disability for which reasonable adjustments would be required in the admissions/entrance examination process, for entry to the School or during her years at PGHS, these will be discussed with the parents prior to assessment / entry. In particular, arrangements will be made to meet with the parents of prospective pupils with a disability to discuss any special arrangements for examinations and the admissions process. Parents have the right to confidentiality of their child’s disability through the Data Protection Act 2018. They are therefore asked to complete the Additional Needs section on the second page of the Registration Form.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

We welcome pupils with special educational needs and we will do all we reasonably can to provide the additional help and support they may need. The ability of the School to meet any additional and special needs will be determined by our Individual Needs Department. We welcome pupils with physical disabilities subject to being able to meet their additional needs in appropriate ways. We always advise parents of children with special educational needs or physical disabilities to discuss their daughter’s requirements with the School before she is assessed so that we can endeavour to make the necessary level of provision for her. Parents should provide a copy of an Educational Psychologist’s report or a medical report to support their request for special arrangements; for example, for extra time. We will discuss thoroughly with parents and their medical advisers the adjustments that can reasonably be made for the girl if she becomes a pupil at the School.