Registration Forms

When you have read the prospectus and would like to apply for a place for your daughter in the Alice Nursery/Preps (Nursery - Year 2) or Junior Department/Senior School (Year 3-Year 10), please fill in the registration form below and return this form to the Headmistress’ P.A. at the school, together with a cheque for £50 registration fee for Alice Nursery/Preps or £75 for Junior/Seniors for each child.

This is not returnable under any circumstances whether you proceed with or cancel the registration.

Completion of this form will mean that your daughter’s particulars are placed on file and we will advise you of the appropriate assessment date for your daughter. If you wish to meet the Headmistress and tour the school, please contact the Headmistress’ P.A. for an appointment.

Download: Registration Form