School Fees per term for 2019-2020

Nursery (part time)               £2,000 per term

Nursery (full time)                 £3,260 per term

Reception to Year 2              £3,785 per term

Year 3 to Year 6                    £4,050 per term

Year 7 to Year 11                  £5,420 per term

The school accepts the Government 15 hours Early Years Grant as part payment for fees and will administer this on behalf of parents. The school also accepts a variety of employers’ child care vouchers.


Upon the offer of a place, parents need to accept the offer in writing enclosing their deposit of £500 (Nursery entry), £750 (Reception - Year 6 entry) or £1,000 (Senior School entry). This deposit will be returned at the end of their daughter’s career at PGHS subject to full and final settlement of the final account.

School Fees

All the costs incurred in the usual course of the education by the School of your child, including the provision of any necessary educational materials and as outlined in the Schedule of Fees, shall be met by the fees unless otherwise notified by the School. No reductions can be made in the event of absence from school through illness unless arrangements for insurance covering reimbursement of tuition fees during such absence have been made with the School. All children are insured against accident and details are available from the Bursar.

Fees are reviewed annually and are subject to increase from time to time. Fees can be paid by direct debit on a periodic basis, details of which can be obtained from the Bursar.  Notice of intention to remove a pupil must be given in writing one full term in advance, otherwise payment for the next term will be required. This notice must reach the School on or before the first day of the preceding term and will be validated by written acknowledgement from the School.

Academic Scholarships, Music Exhibitions and means-tested Bursaries are available at 11+ as well as other internal awards related to progress within the School.

(billed separately by visiting teachers)

Fees for the optional subjects are in addition to School fees and are billed separately by the teachers concerned. Notice of discontinuation of any optional subject must be given in writing one term in advance, otherwise payment for the next term will be required.
Per term (10 lessons) £215 for 30 minutes for the following instruments:
Flute (and Piccolo)
Clarinet (and Bass Clarinet)
Double Bass
Piano Recorder