Fass Choi Sister School

Fass Choi - Sister school in Gambia

PGHS is twinned with the Fass Choi School in the Gambia, Africa. Most of the pupils could not afford basic stationery and in some cases were forced to leave school until they were fully equipped. Through our appeal 'Pencil cases make Happy Faces' appeal run by our Year 7s, PGHS pupils were asked to bring in a pencil cases equipped with biros, pencils, rubbers, rulers, sharpeners, protractors, compasses and colouring pencils (not necessarily new). We managed to raise 120 pencil cases which were sent to the school in June. Since then PGHS pupils have also brought in seeds for the children to grow in their school garden. The school has also donated decommissioned IT equipment and supplied science text books to enable the students to study GCSE and A level science.