PGHS Alumni

Year 11 Leavers (2014)

(Formerly PGHS OGA)

This is the umbrella group for all former pupils of the school, including the old boys who attended the school in the first part of the 20th century – hence alumni not just alumnae (old girls). Former pupils usually meet once a year - normally on Founder's Day (usually the second Friday in May). Alumni are also most welcome to attend events at school which are of specific interest to them e.g. the GCSE Art Exhibition, and are encouraged to contact school for tickets.

How to become a member of the Alumni

Year 11 pupils automatically become members when they leave the school after their GCSEs.  Pupils who have left at an earlier stage or former students who are not on our mailing list can email us at or phone the school office on 020 8886 1135.  Former pupils may ask to join the 'members only' Alumni page on Linked In which will provide opportunities to re-connect with school friends and network with other PGHS alumni!