The Science Museum's Wonderlab Show comes to PGHS!

1st August 2020

A spectacular event took place at PGHS this week when the outreach team from the Science Museum visited our school. Four shows were performed to suit pupils from Reception to Year 11 and included the ‘Bubbles Show’ (Reception to Year 4); the ‘Supercool Show’ (Year 9 to Year 11) and the ‘It Takes Guts Show’ (Year 7 to 8).  

In the afternoon pupils from St. Paul’s School and Walker School joined our Year 5 & 6 pupils for a session called ‘Feel the Force’.  The hall was filled with the screams and delights from nearly two hundred pupils.  Here are some of their comments:  

“I learnt about the 3 laws from Sir Newton. The show was so funny and very entertaining, and I enjoyed EVERYTHING!” Maya, Year 6 pupil, PGHS.

“I really enjoyed learning about the egg trick, it was brilliant!” Ben, Year 5 pupil, Walker School.

“Forces are powerful. I liked all the experiments and the children and adults being involved.” Year 6 pupil, PGHS.


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