Year 9 pupils visit the Jewish Museum in Camden

1st August 2020

Year 9 pupils visited the Jewish Museum in Camden to discover Judaism and learn about the holocaust which they had been studying in their history lessons. During the first half of the day, the girls had the opportunity to learn about the incredible story of a British born Holocaust survivor called Leon Greenman, whose wife and son were gassed in Auschwitz. Many of the pupils found his story very touching and they began to understand the individual loss caused by the holocaust. The girls also had the opportunity to explore the gallery which displayed Leon’s possessions, such as his son’s toys and shoes and his wife’s wedding dress. The pupils then walked to Regents Park to have lunch. The second half of the day focused on learning about the Jewish faith, including understanding the meaning of religious artefacts. The girls were asked to identify the use and importance of the Torah, the Teffillin and the Mezuzah, and then got to view the collection of Jewish ceremonial art, including decorations for the Torah, Passover Plates and lamps used during Hanukah. They also had the opportunity to become scribes and attempted to write Hebrew letters Aleph, Bet and Gimmel, and then their names using a quill and ink. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day for the girls which gave them a good understanding on
Judaism and allowed them to understand the story of a holocaust survivor.