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Registration Form


Please complete this form in as much detail as possible. We need this information to be able to process your application for a place for your child.

Information which is mandatory for you to provide is indicated below by a *.

If you do not complete the mandatory sections in full this may jeopardise or delay your application.

Pupil Information

Reference Details

Parent / Guardian Information

First Signatory

Second Signatory

Please provide the name(s) and current address(es) of any other person with parental responsibility (i.e. legal responsibility) for the above named child. This may be a legal guardian or step parent and their consent to the child attending the School will be required if an offer of a place is made.
1 Parental responsibility is defined in the Children Act 1989 as “all rights, duties, powers and responsibilities and authority which by law a parent of a child has in relation to the child and his or her property.” It equates to legal responsibility for the child. If you have any doubts about whether you do or do not have parental responsibility for the child, you may wish to seek legal advice.

Additional Needs


Please read carefully and complete all sections in full before both parents sign the Declaration

By signing this Registration Form I / we understand, accept and agree that: Registration of my / our child as a prospective pupil does not secure a place at the School but does ensure that my/our child will be considered for selection as a pupil at the School. Registrations will be considered in the order they are received. Offers of places are subject to availability and the admission requirements of the School at the time offers are made. A copy of the School's Terms and Conditions will be supplied on request.

I / We confirm that my / our child has the right to enter, live and study in the United Kingdom. I / We have noted that the School does not hold a licence to sponsor international students under Tier 4 of the points based system of immigration. It shall be my / our responsibility at all times to ensure that my / our child has the appropriate immigration permission to live in the United Kingdom and to study at the School.

If your child is not offered a place, or if you do not accept the offer of a place, we will only retain this information for as long as we need to. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, information is kept for a year after the end of the admissions process.

How we will use the information provided in this form

This information will be used by the School during the admissions process in order to manage and assess your application and your child's suitability for a place at the School.

I / We also understand that the School may obtain, process and hold personal information about me /us (or either of us) and our child, including sensitive information about our child (such as special educational needs arrangements and medical details). For more information about how the School will use your information, and your child's information, please see our Privacy Notice. This document is published on the School's website:

If your child is aged 12 years or older please show her a copy of the Privacy Notice and discuss it with her

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