Nursery School Day

We believe that security and routine are important to three and four-year-olds, as is the development of their independence, motivation and enjoyment of learning. Therefore a typical day would look like this:


Arrival and self-registration

Girls arrive with their adult and hang up their coat on a peg labelled with their photograph. A member of staff will greet your child who will then find their name card and stick it on a board.

Beginning to play

Girls can then choose to play in any of the areas of the room choosing their resources.

The garden

The garden is a valuable resource and is planned as carefully as indoor provision. There are opportunities for climbing, balancing, riding tricycles and scooters, ball skills, digging in the sand or water, observing the natural world, role-play and much more! We strongly believe in the principles of fresh air and exercise and promote this. Girls are encouraged to play in the garden in all weathers.

Snack time

We encourage girls to drink water whenever they are thirsty and and they bring in a healthy snack, such as fruit or vegetables.

Circle time

For the last half-hour of the session the girls tidy up the classroom, then return for circle time, which may involve stories and music. This time is also used to share news, discuss activities or involve the girls in planning.

What do the adults do?

The adults who work with the girls are engaged in focused activities with individuals or a small group of girls. Direct teaching may be involved along with observing and recording play, modelling play, extending language, supporting behaviour and encouraging cooperative play.