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Palmers Green High School selects pupils on the grounds of ability and aptitude.  Entry into the Nursery is at 3+ and pupils may begin their Nursery ‘learning journey’ once they have attained 3 years of age, but transfer to the Reception Class is only at the beginning of the Autumn Term. Entry into the Main School is normally at 4+ into the Prep Department, at 7+ into the Junior Department and at 11+ into the Senior School. Candidates should normally reach the ages of 4+, 7+ and 11+ respectively by September 1st of the year of entry. We may also have places available at other ages. Please contact the School Office for details.

With due regard to the Equality Act 2010, Palmers Green High School is committed to equal opportunities for all, regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, ethnicity or social background – except with regard to Palmers Green High School being a single sex girls’ school.

Sibling Policy

Most female siblings join us at Palmers Green High School. However, admission is not automatic and there may be occasions where we judge that a sibling is likely to thrive better in a different academic environment.

Special Educational Needs And Disabilities (SEND)

We welcome pupils with special educational needs and physical disabilities. Subject to being able to meet the additional needs appropriately, we do all we reasonably can to provide additional support. The ability of the School to meet any additional and special needs will be determined by the Headmistress and the   Individual Needs Department. We always advise parents and carers of pupils with special educational needs and disabilities to discuss their daughter’s requirements with the School so that the necessary provision and accommodations can be put in place prior to the formal assessment. When a pupil has an Educational Psychologist, Specialist Assessor or medical report, this should be made available to support their request for special arrangements, for example for extra time.

We always discuss thoroughly with parents and if appropriate, the previous school and the pupil’s professional advisers, suitable adjustments that can be reasonably made when their daughter is accepted as a pupil of the School.

Overseas Applicants

Applications from families whose daughter(s) is/are about to relocate to the London area are welcomed provided that their daughter has permission to reside in the UK or holds a UK, EEA or Swiss passport and that the parents have made appropriate guardianship arrangements if their main residence is overseas. Please note that Palmers Green High School does not have boarding facilities and all pupils are therefore day pupils.

Fluency In English

In order to cope with the academic and social demands of Palmers Green High School, pupils must be proficient English speakers. Normally pupils should have been educated in the English medium before applying to the School. The School can advise parents regarding tuition in English as an Additional Language (EAL), but due to the compact nature of the School site any additional tuition which is arranged at the parent’s own expense may have to take place offsite and outside school hours.

Religious Beliefs

The School welcomes applications from pupils of all faiths and no faith. PGHS was founded by a Quaker, but we do not give precedence to families belonging to the Society of Friends, nor do we select for entry on the basis of religious belief. We offer the opportunity for others to practise their own faiths within the confines of the School where practicable. However, parents should be aware that all pupils are expected to attend the annual Founder’s Day Service and the Carol Service, which are both held in St John’s Church, Palmers Green.

Data Protection

Applicants’ details will be held on file with due regard to data protection legislation and the School’s Privacy Notice and Retention of Records policy.


We hope that parents and prospective pupils find our Admissions policy to be helpful and informative. We are always prepared to have further discussions to clarify any particular points.

Please note that the School’s Complaints Policy is not available for use by parents of prospective pupils.