Assessments & 11+ Entrance Exam

At all ages the aim of the process is to identify potential for learning. Parents with children applying to join the Nursery are interviewed with their daughters. For entry into the Main School from Reception to Year 6 candidates are invited for an individual assessment with one of the specialist primary teachers. Candidates for entry into Years 5 and 6 undergo timed tests, whilst tests for those in Year 4 and below are less formal. Those candidates who demonstrate academic potential in their assessment are invited to spend time in the School with their peers when there is then a more general assessment of ability and aptitude. All parents will be given an appointment to meet with the Headmistress.

Our 11+ 2023 Entrance and Scholarship Exam will be held on Saturday, 12th November 2022

For 11+ entry, candidates sit examinations in English, Mathematics and Reasoning, which are designed for their age group. The Mathematics, English (Comprehension) and Reasoning (NVR and VR) assessments are done via the ISEB Common Pre-test.  English (Creative Writing) will continue to be a traditional written paper. Familiarisation tests for the ISEB are available at and more general information can be found at

Candidates who show promise in these academic tests are then invited for interview. The dates for the 11+ entrance examination will be published on our website. The dates by which results will be communicated to families and the closing date for acceptances will be available from the School Office. Candidates for entry into Years 8-10 sit papers in English, Mathematics, Science and French or Spanish. All parents will be given an appointment to meet with the Headmistress.

No specific preparation for the entrance tests is needed, all candidates start on an equal footing, with identical opportunities to display their academic and other abilities. Selection is based upon merit and, in addition to entrance tests and interviews at the School, references from a candidate’s current or previous school(s) will be considered.