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At Palmers Green High School Library, we celebrate and promote a life-long love of reading by providing a supportive space that is a comfortable and peaceful environment where pupils can browse, read and borrow books. Our mission is to create a welcoming and secure environment that supports the whole School community in the process of learning and teaching.  We aim to raise standards of literacy and to encourage pupils in their enjoyment of research and reading.

“Reading refreshes as well as renews the mind.”

Lailah Gifty Akita, Founder of Smart Youth Volunteers Foundation

Library Resources

The library houses a collection of high-quality, attractive print and electronic resources for all the pupils in the School. We stock a diverse selection of fiction covering different genres, interests and abilities for children, teenagers and adults and the collection covers the wide range of curriculum areas providing for all year groups. A love of books and reading is promoted throughout the School and, additionally, an exciting eBook platform supplements the physical books available, offering a wider choice in the material pupils read and how they access the books. The library also stocks a wide range of DVDs, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, foreign language texts (French, Spanish and German), and relevant Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) books. Pupils, parents and staff can view the library catalogue online and girls are encouraged to write reviews about the books they are reading for the Library’s in-house online blog.

The library has desks and seating for up to 15 pupils and the room can double as a classroom. Lessons conducted in the library benefit from the research and resource function of the room and can enhance the pupil’s teaching and learning. All pupils have access to the library’s computers for work and research and they can access the library catalogue, as well as a range of online resources such as Britannica Online, from both School and home. The library also accommodates the careers library. Pupils can easily access information on courses, careers, and sixth forms.

Opening Times

The library is open at morning breaks and lunchtimes. Pupils can borrow up to three books for three weeks and one DVD for a period of a week. Mrs Conlon, our School Librarian, is assisted by a team of pupil Reading Ambassadors who help manage and run the library. Whatever a pupil needs, whether it is looking for something new to read or help with a particular research project, Mrs Conlon is on hand to provide assistance.

Library Events

Reading is also promoted by celebrating national and worldwide book events and shadowing local and national book awards such as the prestigious CILIP Carnegie Medal Award. These activities include author and poet visits with workshops, book clubs, book fairs, competitions and quizzes, all of which are greatly enjoyed by the girls and often lead to renewed interest in particular authors and books.