students in the science lab

Senior School Day

The PGHS School Day

Pupils in the Senior School (Years 7 – 11) have nine periods per day of 35 minutes each. The day starts with registration at 8.40am and ends at 3.50pm with an organised dismissal from form rooms from 3.55-4.00pm. The majority of senior subjects are taught in double periods of 70 minutes.

Before School

The School Day begins at 8.40am. Pupils may arrive in the playground from 8.20am and, after handing in their phones, go to their form rooms.


Morning break is from 10.15 to 10.35am and Seniors may bring their own snacks or purchase a variety of hot and cold items from the Dining Room. Lunch is between 12.55 and 2.00pm and Senior forms rotate their time slot daily with each form able to be first lunch one day per week.

After School

Seniors benefit from participating in a number of Subject Surgeries, which run from 4.05-5.00pm five days a week. Sporting and Drama activities take place after school from 4.05pm and parents are advised of finish times as per individual event. A quiet, supervised study room is also provided and this is available from 4.05-5.00pm.