Karen McCarthy Woolf in a workshop, with students in a group outside

Karen McCarthy Woolf Poetry Workshop

19th October 2022

On Tuesday 18th October 2022, we were delighted to welcome the acclaimed poet Karen McCarthy Woolf to our School to work with a group of Year 10 and Year 11 pupils. McCarthy Woolf was born in London to English and Jamaican parents and her award winning poetry has featured in numerous publications as well as being The Guardian newspaper’s Poem of the Week.

The poetry workshop was the first place prize awarded to Saffron in Year 11 for winning the Girls’ School Association Creative Writing Competition 2022 and it was a very stimulating and enjoyable event. The pupils read and discussed a number of poems from a range of poets including W. H. Auden, Caleb Femi and McCarthy Woolf around the theme of nature (specifically trees) as well as writing their own poetry.

The pupils found the workshop very interesting and they are now looking forward to doing some follow up work on the poetry they wrote.

We thank Karen McCarthy Woolf and the Girls’ School Association for visiting our School and running this excellent event.