Alumni visit from Raphaella Mazaheri-Asadi – singer, songwriter and producer

16th November 2022

We are always delighted to welcome our Alumni back to School and it is wonderful to hear about their successful careers after leaving PGHS. This week, on Tuesday 15th November 2022, we had an exciting Guest Artist visit from Raphaella Mazaheri-Asadi. Raphaella is a very successful singer, songwriter and producer, and was a former pupil at PGHS. Since leaving PGHS, she has gone on to fulfil a very exciting career in Music and is now works in Music Production.

During the day, Raphaella ran inspiring sessions with our Senior School pupils, telling them about music production and writing song lyrics. She oozed passion, confidence and humility for what she does and it was fascinating to hear about her work.

The pupils enjoyed hearing about all the famous artists she has worked with, including Little Mix, and they asked her lots of interesting questions about her time at PGHS and her career. In particular, the pupils liked finding out which teachers at PGHS taught her and are still at PGHS today.